New York State Hero Act is Past Due!

Let DASH Safety Solutions do the work for you! Contact Us Today to get started on your plan. On May 5, 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the New York Health and Essential Rights Act (NY HERO Act) into law. The law mandates extensive new workplace health and safety protections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Continue reading “New York State Hero Act is Past Due!”

Ergonomics at Your Workstation

Discomfort in Your Work Area By: Sabrina Campbell Allen With nearly 50% of Americans employed in white collar jobs, and approximately 6.1 million people working from home; office ergonomics is a necessity. According to the 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics; sprains, strains, and tears accounted for 38% of total injuries and illness cases in theContinue reading “Ergonomics at Your Workstation”